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  • An Empowerment

    Recruitment and retention strategies have always been two of the most challenging and exciting tasks of HR. With all the demands for Filipino workers abroad, the company saw an opportunity to stregthen its hiring system by introducing the Employee Referral Program.

    The Employee Referral Program first objective is to actually build a cozy work environment wherein new hires would instantenously feel at ease and belonged to the organization. With that, new employees can effortlessly relate to each other. In fact a lot of studies have shown the advantages of keeping this program, which I would like highlight:

    1. Produce higher retention rates. Employees tend to stay longer in companies where they have already built rapport and closeness because they have someone to share with their same experiences and learn from it.

    2. Reduces recruitment cost

    3. Produces faster recruit compared with alternate sources. In any advertising agency, the word of mouth is the best and most effective way of campaigning for a product. Same with recruitment, if people spread good word about the company that they are working with and the source of information came from people they trust and know, their natural tendency is to be allured to work to that company.

    Having learned all these and studying our position in recruitment, EcoSolution’s HR department released its own Employee Referral Program last October 1, 2014 which not only offers great rewards for hard to fill positions but also for non-specialized ranks.

    ~ Ms Julie Ann Padrones